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Ukulele Sample Pack


Ukulele is often used and heard in a broad range of genres, including country music, pop, & jazz. Ukulele Sample Pack contains professionally recorded Ukulele Loops for you to use in your tracks. Unlike other Sample Packs, we have labelled our loops by Chord Progression so that you don’t have to spend time figuring out the chords used in the loops. All the samples & loops are 100% Royalty-free with no exceptions.

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    Ukulele Sample Pack
    AzM Music Originals

Artist AzM Music Originals
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Our production team has recorded & crafted broad varieties of Ukulele Strummings loops with BPM ranging between 90 & 130 BPM. There are over 80 Ukulele loops. We have added both Wet & Dry versions of the loops so that you can use them according to your needs. All the loops are labelled by Chord Progression & BPM.

Besides being used in popular genres such as country & pop, Ukulele is also commonly used in Jingles & Advertisement music. All the Samples & loops are completely royalty-free.

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All the Samples are recorded & rendered in 24 Bit WAV
Content No. of Samples
Ukulele - 90 BPM Loops
Ukulele - 110 BPM Loops
Ukulele - 130 BPM Loops
Riffs & Strum Loops
Ukulele FXs/Noise
All the Samples are 100% Royalty-Free!
Audio Demo

Please note that all the audio demos below are raw 128kbps MP3 renders to make the Website load faster for you. 

90 BPM – Bmin-Gmaj-Emin-Amaj (DRY)

110 BPM – Fmin-C#maj-G#maj (WET)

130 BPM – Cmaj-Emin-Fmaj-Gmaj (WET)

Riff – G – 100 BPM (WET)

90 BPM – Fmin-C#maj-G#maj-D#maj (DRY)

110 BPM – Cm7-Gm7-D#sus2-Fsus2 (DRY)

130 BPM – Bmin-Amaj-Gmaj (DRY)

Riff – C – 100 BPM (DRY)

90 bpm – Fmin-Gdim-Cmaj-Fmin (WET)

110 BPM – C-D-Em-Dsus4-D (WET)

130 BPM – Emin-Gmaj-Bmin-Dmaj (DRY)

Riff – F – 100 BPM (DRY)

Ukulele is available for only $5!


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